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Douglas Fir Foaming Hand Soap

Douglas Fir Foaming Hand Soap

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Experience the cleansing power of our velvet-like Douglas Fir Foaming Hand Soap. Our natural formulation creates a rich stable foam that effectively cleans the skin. Our wild-crafted Douglas Fir oil imparts a fresh, woodsy, citrus-like aroma, which is complemented by the sweet, floral notes of Organic Lavender oil. Every hand wash with this sensational soap fills the room with an incredible forest fragrance!
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Many foaming soaps on the market use harmful surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulphate. However, we strive to keep our products as natural as possible, therefore our foaming hand and body wash uses decyl glucoside (made from coconut oil and sugars from corn and potatoes) and cocamidopropyl betaine (made from coconut oil).

Paraben, Sulphate & GMO free.
Not tested on animals.

Size: 8 fl. oz /237ml

- Wildcrafted Douglas Fir oil: Contains naturally occurring sabinene, which has been shown to be able to purify the skin

- Organic Lavender oil: Its floral aroma helps to promote a sense of well-being, improving one’s mood

Apply the desired amount of foam onto wet hands. Lather and rinse off.