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Fresh Wild B.C. Fiddleheads

Fresh Wild B.C. Fiddleheads

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Wild Fiddleheads can be used like any green vegetable. They are similar in flavour to spinach or asparagus, but with a nutty undertone. Our fiddleheads are from the ostrich fern. BEFORE CONSUMPTION: Fiddleheads must be boiled or steamed before being eaten.
How to Use?

Fiddleheads must be boiled or steamed before being eaten.

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With a wonderful fresh spring vegetable flavour, wild fiddleheads can be used as you would any green vegetable and for dipping in sauces. They are similar to fresh spinach or asparagus with a nutty undertone.

Season: March-May

 We carry only the ostrich fern fiddlehead - renowned throughout North America as the best fiddlehead variety.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Cook in a generous amount of boiling water for 15min or steam for 10-12 minutes until tender. Discard the water used for boiling/steaming.

Cook fiddleheads before sauteing, frying, baking, or using them in foods like soups.


Serving size: 50g

100g ( 2 Servings)

0.5lb (4 Servings)

1lb ( 8 servings)

5lb (16 servings)

Origin:  Canada


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