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Fresh Wild Fennel

Fresh Wild Fennel

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Wild fennel has a sweet licorice flavour with hints of rosemary and garlic. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this is a great addition to lots of different recipes.
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Wild fennel carries a distinctive licorice scent but delivers a sweet flavour with hints of rosemary and garlic. Fennel is renowned for its nutritional benefits and can easily be adapted into many dishes where its cultivated cousin is found. Wild fennel is rich in vitamins A and C, potassium and calcium, which means a delicious ingredient and a healthy one at that.

Season: March - May


Serving size: 50g

100g ( 2 Servings)

0.5lb (4 Servings)

1lb ( 8 servings)

5lb (16 servings)

Origin: USA & Canada


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