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Fresh Sea Asparagus / Sea Beans

Fresh Sea Asparagus / Sea Beans

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Sea Asparagus also known as sea beans is a marine plant with tender stems and incredible light sea-salt flavour. Sea Asparagus can be eaten raw, in a salad or sautéed with garlic and butter.
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Sea beans, also known as samphire or sea asparagus, grow naturally during spring and summer and offer a distinctive flavour profile that embodies the essence of the ocean.

With a crisp and succulent texture, they deliver a briny, salty taste with hints of mineral undertones. Their unique flavor is reminiscent of seaweed, but with a more delicate and vibrant character. The sea beans' profile is beautifully balanced, offering a refreshing zestiness and a slightly bitter note, culminating in a distinctively marine and delightfully fresh taste.

Their ability to impart a taste of the sea makes them a prized ingredient in seafood dishes and a culinary treasure for those seeking a unique and memorable gastronomic experience.


Serving size: 50g

100g ( 2 Servings)

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1lb ( 8 servings)

5lb (16 servings)

Origin: USA & Canada


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